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British Newspaper Compares Cruises On Wide Beam Boats On Sea And River

UK newspaper the Daily Mirror recently uploaded an article to their website in which they compare the points in favour of taking both river and sea-bound cruises aboard wide beam boats.

According to the piece in question, both types of holiday have distinctive points in their favour, with the ultimate choice being up to each individual, in the function of what he or she is looking to derive from the holiday.

River cruises, for instance, are said to be much more intimate. While still taking place aboard wide beam boats, these tend to be much smaller, with a significantly lower number of passengers. This, in turn, helps give this type of cruise a much more intimate atmosphere, which is further helped by the fact that many stops along this type of journey consist of smaller, local villages. The smaller size of each vessel also helps with the social aspect, the article adds.

Other perks of river cruises, according to the Daily Mirror feature, include quicker embarkation and disembarkation time, a great flexibility and manoeuvrability along city-centre waterways, better sights (the view aboard an ocean liner tends to get repetitive rather quickly) and the fact that most companies tend to offer all-inclusive packages, which help makes the trip much simpler overall.

Ocean cruises, however, are also found by the feature writer to have a few distinctively strong selling points. The itineraries on offer may be more comprehensive than for river cruises, with a much larger range of destinations and deals to choose from. Similarly, while both sea faring and river cruises are conducted on board wide beam boats, ocean liners are more spacious and tend to include a number of amenities that simply do not fit on board a river barge. Tourists looking to practice sports or shop while on their cruise will therefore be better served with a sea-bound cruise.

In the end, however, both types of cruise have their strong suits, the article concludes; the choice ultimately comes down to a matter of taste.

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