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Way of Life Fitness Camps in San Diego Launches New Life Changing Fitness Program!

San Diego, CA, USA, May 20, 2014:

Way of Life Fitness Camps in San Diego Launches New Life Changing Fitness & Events Program!

World Class trainers unite for the first time in a combined program to improve people's life & fitness on our 10 acre Organic Vineyard just minutes from Downtown San Diego.

Way of Life Fitness San Diego (http://www.wayoflifefit.com) announces the opening of its life changing 1-5 day Fitness Experience Event program combining fitness, boot camp style workouts, team building, real time nutrition, live organic foods and life coaching all wrapped and offered in a beautiful 10 acre Organic Vineyard just 15 minutes from Downtown San Diego.

"This Brand new trendy Fitness Camp concept for groups of 20-250 at our Beautiful Vineyard Estate ensures clients have access to a short term experience that creates immediate opportunities for breakthroughs in any area of their life they can imagine and in the shortest time possible. No matter why one wishes to getinto shape, learn about nutrition, build a team or network with others, our fitness camps in a beautiful retreat setting are the most incredible, effective and affordable way to do it," says Dr. Mitch Holland of Way of Life Fitness Camps (http://www.wayoflifefit.com/about-1.html).

Boot camps typically require no equipment and build an immediate sense of teamwork and good will for all participants. Unlike trainers and boring gym routines, Fitness Camp challenges us to go further than imagined.The mind is challenged right along with the body so all may succeed together. Way of Life Fitness Events are quick and fun and full of challenges and one never gets bored. The skills that are learned are taken with participants to improve their daily lives, as it has for over 50,000 others.

"Those who choose Way of Life Fitness camp find the workouts are fun, new friendships are made, and everyone feels great. Participants only have unwanted stress to lose and everything else to gain," Holland explains.

In addition to participating in fun workouts, users find the program provides many other tools to ensure the wins extend into our lives. State of the art practical nutrition information and planning shows users what to eat, when, and how much. At break time, participants pick organic fruit and vegetables from the small farm and organic orchard on the property to learn and make our own organic smoothies.

"Way of Life recognizes the key to success is learning the tools needed to achieve personal goals, fitness and health. For this reason anyone looking for a fun event style day to get into shape and learn about health should call today. We love collaborating with companies and groups and will pay substantial fees to organizers and event planners," Holland states.

About Way of Life Fitness Camps:

Way of Life Fitness Camps San Diego provides corporate wellness programs, nutrition and health training, team building, fitness training, and life coaching for total life improvement in a beautiful organic Vineyard and Estate property.

For Media Contact:
Dr. Mitchell Holland
1 (619) 354-4326

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