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E&H Magnetics Company manufactures industrial magnets and magnetic equipment

People's Republic of China, May 23, 2014: Magnet has been an integral element in hardware industry ever since its discovery. In fact, its discovery rather led to significant innovations that were effectively realised by the production and manufacturing industry. E&H Magnetics Company Limited is one of the names that deserve mention in development of efficient magnetic equipment for various industries. E&H Magnetics is based in China and specialises in manufacturing neodymium magnet and various magnetic equipment that have diverse or specific application in one or more hardware industries. In addition to production, the company invests significantly on research and application and even transportation, which makes purchase easy for clients.

E&H Magnetics is a dedicated manufacturing company. It has been established less than a decade ago and has originally been specialist in neodymium magnet. However, it has steadily expanded its fold of production and currently develops rubber magnets, hard ferrites, Al-Ni-Co, Sm-Co and other permanent magnets. Its team is mainly comprised of experts in magnetism and magnetic applications. It is the result of the experience and collective effort of the professionals that the company has been able to create many unique patented magnet production process and technique. Apart from common and general products, E&H Magnetics has patents on many development processes and that shows the level at which the company functions.

E&H has very sound business process that extends from research to transport through production and all intermediate stages. The integrative atmosphere and environment of the company enhances its productivity. The company has significantly advanced in manufacturing motor magnets, which are widely used in automobile, micro motor, military aerospace and wind power. Since the company is limited to production of one or few types of magnets, its diverse range of manufacturing caters to the demand of different industries such machinery, electronics, toys, packaging, rubber, chemicals, plastics, mining, ceramics, electrical, furnishing and even healthcare. Most of the industries to which products of E&H serve are evergreen and perennial.

E&H Magnetics products are core of some highly technical equipment. That itself signifies the level of quality of its magnets. However, clients and customers can verify the quality control process of the company and validate its effect on the finished products to be assured. The magnets qualify SGS Stands for both REACH Inspection and ROHS. Besides, the clientele of E&H add strength to its claim of high-quality motor magnets. Companies with strong goodwill use only top-quality hardware to maintain their reputation and E&H Magnetics is the choice of many of them.

About E&H Magnetics:

Website: http://www.neodymium-magnete.com/

E&H Magnetics Company Limited manufactures various kinds of industrial magnets, especially motor and neodymium magnets. It was founded in 2006 and is situated in Aiyimei Building of Southern Business District in Yinzhou Ningbo. It has a branch in Summit Building at Man Yue Street of Hung Hom in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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