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Ecigs’ Fan reviews about Green Smoke e cigarettes and highly rates the company

Ecig was patented in the year 1963, however, it gained popularity only over the last six years. Now it is hugely successful in many countries and its availability and accessibility has become easier. According to an online estimate, it is reported that the ecig industry contribute $1.7 billion to the economy every year. This proves that ecig companies are doing very well and have a large number of tobacco users shifting to ecig from traditional cigarettes.

Ecigs’ Fan, a website that reviews about e cigarettes and compares different brands has caught smoker’s attention. Recently, it reviewed about the renowned e cigarette brand – Green Smoke and the website has lauded the company for its high-quality product. Although prices for Green Smoke ecigs are a bit pricey compared to other brands, it was reported that customers get money-value product. Its starter Ultimate Kit, which is priced at $129.97 comes with 1 short battery, 1 long battery, 2 USB chargers, 1 USB power-cig, 10 cartridges, 1 wall charger, 1 car adapter, 1 carrying case, and 1 more additional battery. Green Smoke regarded as a luxurious brand offers customers with both low and high price products. The company packaging was also impressive compared to other brands.

Green Smoke offers a 30 day return for customers who are not satisfied with its product. Also, providing 1 year guarantee on batteries, customers can ask for replacement 3 times after returning the faulty one. Customers can choose from different flavors such as Mocha Mist, Tobacco Gold, Smooth Chocolate, Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Red Label Tobacco, and Vanilla Dreams. Though it offers less variety, customers are happy with the great taste of flavor. Ecig’s Fan reported that after testing it found out that Green Smoke’s ecig gives the feel of a real cigarette, however, it has either no nicotine or very less nicotine compared to the high nicotine contain in traditional cigarettes. For more information please go to http://www.ecigsfan.com/


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This website reviews about different E cigarette brands and compare them based on quality, longevity, price, flavor, and many more. Ecigs customers can visit this website before buying e cigarettes.

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