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Leboncoin France experience rapid growth with its unique online selling strategies

With the Internet allowing people to communicate easily, e-commerce companies can be seen taking full advantage of it. Online selling is reported to be one of the best ways to sell products as it reach out to more people at a very short time period.  People now have the advantage of just sitting at home and buying their favorite things at just one click. Also, some site allows individuals to even sell their products online. Hence, people can buy and sell at the same time. One such online portal allowing customers to buy and sell is leboncoin.fr.

Leboncoin.fr was founded in the year 2006 by a renowned French group known as Spir Communication. Its main aim was to provide easy accessibility to all online buyers and sellers without any registration. Reports show that in 2010, 50 % of Leboncoin was purchased by Schibsted. This made the site even more famous and was named as the 11th most visited website in France in the year 2009 and then moved up to No.6 by 2013. According to an online survey conducted by Mediametrie Investigation in 2012, Leboncoin was also reported to be the 2nd most visited website in France after Facebook.

The success of the site was pointed out to the link it creates to unite all French people for an affordable and easy shopping experience. The site also provides a platform for both professionals and individuals who are interested in online buying and selling. It is also compared to eBay U.S because of its similar online auction feature.

It has been estimated that the online selling site gets around 16.9 million unique visitors every month. The company reported that the huge visitor was due to its user-friendly interface where customers could place an ad in just few minutes. Featuring 30 categories, customers can easily navigate and buy what they are looking for. For more information please go to http://lebonscoins.fr/



About lebonscoins

This website is a French online selling website where customers can buy things and even place an ad. Featuring online auction, it is one of the most visited site in France.


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