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Snugglezzz provides diverse range of pets’ mats, beds, and covers

United Kingdom, May 30, 2014: Pets are like members of family for majority of pet owners, who do not discriminate between the quality of provision for their pets and that for themselves. Snugglezzz is a pets’ product supplier in the United Kingdom and has different ranges of products that are protective and caring for pets, especially dogs. The company provides dog clothe, dog heating mat, dog cooling mat, memory foam bed, cover, etc. for various breeds of dogs. In other words, the products available at the online store of Snugglezzz exhibit the love of pet owners to their pets by taking care of them during summers and winters alike.

Snugglezzz manufactures adorable and effective fleece memory foam beds that offer warm and soft resting place to pet dogs. Fleece memory foam bed is a versatile product by the company and does not wear out even after repeated wash. It is available in both modern and traditional shades to meet the preference of different pet owners. Memory foam dog beds for large dogs as well as small dogs is of the same quality and suitable to provide the comfort needed by pets recovering surgery and those suffering from arthritis, joint problems etc. Generally, memory foam is comfortable for sleeping and resting in any condition.

An innovative product that can raise the affection in pets for their owners is dog cooling pad, which can keep animals cool during summers. They can be used at home or any place where pets can be allowed to rest. However, it cannot be used in moving conditions, which is when dog cooling vest can be handy to provide the same effect to the animal. The counterpart of a cooling pad is a heated pet mat. It is an innovative product by Snugglezzz that can be even be lifesaver for pets during winters. The climate of the UK is cool winters are really cold, which can be dangerous for pets in case of inadequate protection against the weather conditions. Heated mats provide gentle and satisfying heating comfort to pets and keep them constantly warm. It is equally beneficial for adult dogs and cats as well as kittens and pups. Conjugation of pet electric blanket with a heated mat can provide the complete protection that any pet deserves.

Snugglezzz provides free shipping throughout the UK. Though not free, it also supplies to a number of countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas. The company offers flexible payment options and accepts major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

About Snugglezzz:

Website: http://www.snugglezzz.com/

Snugglezzz is a manufacturer and supplier of pet products. It is based in The Home Entertainment Network Ltd. on Sancroft Way at Fressingfield in Eye. The company manufactures clothes, beds, mats, pads and covers for various breeds of dogs. It supplies in Europe and to Africa and the Americas.

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