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Prevent Accidental Shootings – G. P. S. Gun Control

Texas, 30th May, 2014: Firearms are one of the most misused instruments of power. A graduate student from Texas, Ryan Davis grew up seeing a number of accidental shootings in the home and a number of school shootings. An avid gun enthusiast and a supporter of gun rights prior to these, Davis realized that he needed to do something to prevent the misuse of firearms.

Davis began his venture in October 2013 and started building his product. The GPS Gun Control allows the gun to report under three circumstances. Firstly, when the firearm is removed from the charger, secondly if it is removed from the holster after being stored within it and thirdly whenever it is has been fired. Under the above mentioned conditions, the cellular phone calls and texts the number to which it has been pre-programmed to call. It recites the owner’s name, firearm type and serial name, while giving a description of the occurrence and the GPS coordinates of the location for better tracking. When this has been done, it disconnects and resets until the next firing of the gun. The prescribed contact thus gets to know where the gun is being misused and when used without permission. It can also be conceptually attached to a taser, a rifle, a shotgun, a crossbow or almost any weapon to track any of its misuse, with accurate locations. Post tracking, it can easily be recovered. The GPS Gun Control also comes with the feature of the owner being able to control the use of the phone that is being used.

The materials used in this system are of high quality. The plastic is durable and is resistant to drop shocks. It is also highly resistant to most household and gun cleaning chemicals. Many safety precautions have been taken to see to it that the system functions well, without the scope for malfunction. The housing of the product can be possible in any colour; the more prominent the colour, better the recognition. It is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and can be charged using a wireless system. It is also accompanied by an alarm which goes off each time the weapon is removed from its conductive charger. Only the authorized person can now gain control over the weapon.

Ryan Davis currently has two patents to his name. Davis has an experienced team to help him with the product. For more details about his product, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/g-p-s-gun-control.

For Media Contact:
Name: Ryan Davis
Email ID: rg_davis47@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 817-933-2025
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/g-p-s-gun-control

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