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ViVOconcepts Introduces its New Worldwide ViVOpartners™ Program

ViVOconsultants™ & ViVOchampions™ will market ViVOxe™ Portal Solutions to End-users; these ViVOpartners™ represent a worldwide network of organizations who offer a synergistic product-mix & service-mix to their customers.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – July 13, 2009 – ViVOconcepts the leader for Web 2.0 Portal Technology & IT Services has announced the formation of its new ViVOpartners™ Program. In addition to our end-user direct marketing strategy, ViVOxe™ Portal Technology will now be represented by independent businessmen who share a common interest and participate in achieving ViVO common goals. ViVOconsultants™ and ViVOchampions™ will market ViVOxe products to End-users; they represent a worldwide network of organizations who offer a synergistic product-mix & service-mix to their customers.

“Our ViVOpartners™ deliver innovation to their clients’ from a reliable technology partner, and introduce new Revenue Streams to their organization without increasing overhead. They also enjoy the benefits of participating in a rewarding long-term program,” said Michael Kettenring, president of ViVOconcepts. “We have a long success story with our ViVOxe portal solution which was first released in 2000, and we look forward to working with our new ViVOpartners,” Kettenring concluded.

ViVOxe™ Portal Solutions are developed with one core objective in mind: to be the most effective marketing & sales frontend web application for any enterprise. This system provides our high-performance clients with features that include; sales & marketing automation, demand generation, dynamic lead scoring, and organic lead nurturing.

About ViVOconcepts:

Founded in 1996, ViVOconcepts is a global leader in the development and deployment of scalable, Portal Technology & IT Consulting Services. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, with a branch office in Muenchen Germany, ViVOconcepts provides sales & support coverage in all major world markets. In line with the end of the Dot-com Bubble of 1999, ViVOconcepts increasingly engaged in Web Technologies, mainly managing and resolving the IT crises of clients stranded with partially deployed or troubled web applications. ViVOconcepts’ core competency is to provide its clients with innovative and robust sales & marketing solutions, which adapt quickly to ever-evolving business environments.

For more information on ViVOconcepts, please visit: http://ViVOconcepts.com

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