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Conducting Transfer Pricing Studies in-house

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvDEP) and NERA Economic Consulting collaborates to hold a Transfer Pricing Seminar which will be held in Beijing and Shanghai on 5th and 7th August 2009 respectively.

This seminar aims to show corporations how to cope with the recent changes in Transfer Pricing legislation in China, and deal with the concerns about conducting Transfer Pricing Studies in-house.

The requirements by the SAT to file contemporaneous TP documentation with effect from financial year 2008 are now well understood by corporate tax payers. To corporations which are inexperienced in the preparation of TP documentation, outsourcing this work to external consultants seems the natural step to take. But in reality, this may not be the best solution. In the light of strengthening internal tax control, there is now a need for corporations to view the preparation of contemporaneous TP documentation as an important part of risk management, and companies incorporate this into their normal business operations.

By doing in-house TP analysis, corporations can:

• Gain better control of the fundamental contents of your TP reports, set reasonable transfer pricing policies for your related-party transactions & reduce the risk of a tax audit

• Raise the internal awareness of risk & benefit from the retention & management of their TP knowledge

• Reap substantial cost savings & be better prepared for defense in the event of a tax audit

• Benefit from consistent group-wide TP policy, increased transparency in setting of transfer pricing, simplification of group processes which lead to higher productivity & efficiency

• Increase overall control & attain greater uniformity across different entities within group, thus eliminating potential

• contradictions as a result of outsourcing TP documentation work across the group to different external consultants

For more information about the Transfer Pricing Seminars, please email apac.mktg@bvdep.com.

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