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The regional Moldavian NGO perspectives in rural economical development

I wish a warm welcome to everyone visiting the
Tighina informational Center website!

The important contribution of Tighina informational Center (TIC) in the rehabilitation, development and reform efforts of South-East part of Republic of Moldova in the past 9 years is well recognized by the Local/Regional Communities, NGOs and International Donor Agencies.
TIC play a major role in providing and supporting the provision of basic social services, often in remote areas and communities, and are present in every province and major sector in this region.
TIC also brings alternative models and approaches to development, emphasizing participation, equity, gender sensitivity and environmental sustainability.
TIC have been instrumental in advocating for regional reforms that pave the way for improvements in health, education, human rights, legal system, social services, environment and women and children's rights.
TIC initiatives are oriented in accordance with international actions to promote regional cooperation and integration in European Union.

Thank you for being interested about the development of our region!
We invite you to take part in a virtual visit that will hopefully please you and make you come back!

Respectfully yours,
Director of Tighina informational Center (NGO)

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