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Meet iGetScores – open source online high scores system

Injoit.com, a company specializing in outsourcing IT development (majoring in iPhone apps and games) has released an online high scores system and is inviting other developers to use, test and improve the iGetScores system.

Among the games equipped with a new system Injoit has already released an update of iCombat game (featured by TouchArcade and Gizmodo) - in App Store already - and is currently working on 5 more games to be released with online high scores system soon.

iGetScores features:

  • advanced API allowing your game to add and request high scores with various parameters
  • secure authentication and identification by device ID and OAuth tokens
  • additional goodies such as country flags and gravatars
  • export to XML function and HTML widget
  • for developers - download sample iPhone client including standard CoreGraphics and OpenGL implementation + read the docs on server API
  • for game owners / publishers - access web back end: edit your high scores, export to XML, add custom parameters ('time', 'level', 'secrets' etc)

Injoit has decided to make the system open-source as there has been a continuous interest from other developers and some are already helping to test and improve the system. There are already commercial high scores systems of good quality in the market and an open-source solution is an alternative for those developers who need a solution they can fully control.

Currently iGetScores is in beta testing stage and 3rd party game developers are invited to participate. Injoit provides its own server to be used by developers/game publishers to store their online high scores. The high scores could be exported to your own server via XML at any time.

For updates and to begin using the system for your games please visit the Google code site of the project or the official iGetScores website and blog. Twitter users may also follow the updates from Injoit here.

Apart from iGetScores, Injoit is also developing other open source solutions to assist iPhone game devs - to be announced soon are "Chipmunk 2D level editor" and "3D Texture Atlas".

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