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Common MakeUp Tips from Carter Sinclair Cosmetics

Common makeup tips that can be extravagant and noticeable were listed for online shoppers guidance. Get your cart and be ready!

What color should I wear? Color is an accessory. If you are wearing a red shirt, find something with a red tone. Everything flows with color scheme.

Which do I apply first, concealer or foundation? Foundation first, you see exactly where you still need more coverage then the concealer, check if more or less is needed. Better to use a brush in applying concealer and apply more under the eyes where discoloration is prominent. To get the proper shade color of your foundation is to test it. Match your skin tone is on the chin and lower jaw area. If the shade isn’t quite right select the next shade up or down in tone.

Lipstick common tips but gone wrong! Apply color of the lipstick that depends on what you’re going for. If you want a natural lip look, you need to cover the entire lip area with a pencil close to your lips. For fuller lips, outline lips slightly outside the lip line and fill in with lipstick where in most cases you will need a pencil slightly darker than the lipstick.

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