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Shemesh Diamonds LTD. (Members of the Diamond Bourse since 1961)

July 17 2009

Diamond Bourse Bldg
P.O.Box 3135
52131 Ramat-Gan. ISRAEL
Tel: +972-54-3972509
Fax: +972-9-8321438
Email: effi@verifiedbuy.com

RE: Shemesh Diamonds LTD. (Members of the Diamond Bourse since 1961)

Dear customers

I would like to take the honor to introduce you with “Shemesh Diamonds Lltd”. Shemesh diamonds Ltd. is well established diamond company since 1961. As a leading diamond bourse member it is well known all over the world with wide connection in Far East.

Shemesh Diamonds Ltd. Is well know for its quality parameters and provides “A” class diamond facility to its clients. Well, here I would like to share one more thing that is, the primary aspect of Shemesh Diamonds Ltd. Is customer satisfaction, we strictly follow the quality parameters instead of quantity as we take care of “4c” standards. Those are:
Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat to bring life to diamond as diamond is forever.

We are leading suppliers and exporters of different quality of diamonds. We give you the surety that you will definitely get your choice of shape of diamond, as we are highly into this export quality diamonds. We have a dedicated website of Shemesh Diamonds Ltd. www.verifiedbuy.com, you can visit this site and can easily find diamond of your choice. As someone rightly said that

“Kissing a hand may make a person feel happy,
But a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever.”

The certificate is an expert's guarantee that we got what we paid for. Yes we are authorized for this excellent diamond business. Also for our customer assistance, we are 24 hrs available on our website.

This website brings diamond boutique to online consumer:
we provide an exclusive range and an easy-on-the-eye for checking-out new diamond products and a wide display of diamond designs and shapes in almost all categories.

Bona fide Diamond Jewelry from a belief resource and at very striking rates is what this

website proposes.

"We offer world-class diamond jewelry to go well with all tastes and funds through our website www.verifiedbuy.com”
This is for the first time that we have unbolts up for the clients / customers to bring them diamond jewelry at very nominal suit rates.

The on-line consumption of Diamond Jewelry is flourishing.

At the sum up, I will say that Shemesh diamonds ltd. Is the bourgeois, tends to provide you (clients) the quality parameters in diamonds.

Yours sincerely

Shemesh Diamonds Ltd.
Diamond Bourse Bldg.
Ramat-Gan, Israel

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