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Carter Sinclair Cosmetics Secret on Glowing Skin

Women’s nature is to keep ourself beautiful and having a good skin care holds a key place. Carter Sinclair Cosmetics Distributor gives you a daily routine tips and see the difference!

Basic skin care is having a healthy diet and drinking adequate amount of water everyday. Say no to frequent eating from fast foods, instead, take green leafy vegetables and fruits is the secret of healthy and glowing skin. Next is choosing the right skin care products based on your skin type.

A perfect skin care for normal skin would be cleansing and moisturizing. Use mild cleansing and oil free moisturizer, you will feel hydrated and moisture remains locked inside the pores. You can use jasmine oil, lavender oil for nourishment or honey.

The most excellent way to deal with oily skin is to eat food enriched with sources of B2 like whole grains, wheat grams, nuts and beans. You will need a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

For dry skin,use natural vegetable oil like almond or olive oil. Milk baths are very effective in dealing with dry skin. You can add almond oil and bath daily .

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