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Author Reduces Royalties on New Book to Help Parents in Economic Crisis, As She Continues Quest to Put a Smile on a Child’s Face.

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 18th July 2009. Author Jill Divine continues to practise what she preaches with her quest to help put a smile on a child’s face by keeping the price of her new children’s book to a minimum, as well as making it available as an e-book to download at an even cheaper price.

Parents are only too aware of how irritable and sad children can be when their smiles disappear and their faces wear a frown and as many parents are now living on smaller incomes they are also experiencing the energy a frown gives out as they become tired and even angry at trying to make ends meet. School holidays can become fraught as they strive to think of ways to cheaply entertain their children.
Jill has therefore made her latest children’s book, “The Alien Who Came to Tea,” available as cheaply as she can by reducing her royalties to a minimum as she would rather see children enjoying her books and smiling, than receive larger royalties and see sad and bored children.
Jill Divine’s second children’s book, “The Alien Who Came to Tea,” is written for six to eight year olds. It tells the story of an alien called Igloo who runs away from home on the one and only day that he eats metal and six year Ethan who has been promised ice cream for tea if he is good. Ethan’s initial excitement of meeting an alien quickly turns to despair when Igloo demands food right away and promptly eats his mummy’s saucepan and ice cream spoons and then flies away.

Mummy refuses to believe that a naughty alien ate the missing items and thinks Ethan is to blame and tells him that ice cream is off the menu until he returns the items. Will Igloo return and take the blame and would mummy want them back now they are in his tummy?

“The Alien Who Came to Tea,” is an intriguing and enjoyable children’s book with black and white illustrations inside and will be enjoyed by all readers, but especially children who are six to eight years old.

ISBN; 978-1-4092-8010-1
Published by Lulu.com, North Carolina.

It can be ordered at Lulu.com (www.lulu.com).
www.amazon.com www.amazon.co.uk
Also available to order from all bookstores
Retail price is UK £4.98.
Also available at www.lulu.com as an E-BOOK DOWNLOAD for only UK £1.50
Downloads saves paper, saves trees, and more importantly saves money.
More about Jill Divine, her writing, and her ‘smiles,’ can be found on her website: www.divinelady.co.uk

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