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Under the cliff computer Training Programme, as per the rules of the organization any applicant can apply for the franchisee after filling a form and paying an application fee of rupees five thousand in the form of draft (Cliff Educational payable at Ranchi only). After the application has been submitted a survey would be conducted in regard to the proposed site for the opening of the branch, and if the permission is granted then the applicant would have to deposit Rupees Fifty Thousand within one week as security. If the applicant fails to deposit the security amount for any reason, whatsoever, then the application would be deemed to be cancelled. (The security amount of Rupees Fifty Thousand would be returned to the applicant after 15 months without any interest). The applicant must have three rooms or the area measuring 500 square feet of a living room, 5 to 7 computers and furniture, which is to be arranged by the applicant himself.

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