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Online Consulting Company revolutionizes Legacy Consulting world

Consulting 2.0: CCIEAdvisor.com is an Online Consulting Company only servicing products of the Cisco Networking Kind. All for less than a usual 1 hour consulting fee.

Houston, Texas (EXPERTsIQ) 19th, July,2009--The next generation of consulting has arrived for Cisco Systems customers. www.CCIEAdvisor.com features a Question and Answer Forum that has CCIE's answering Gold Members queries. There are other members that can answer but the owner of ExpertsIQ LLC operates the Forum and controls its participants. He is William Walla a Cisco Certified CCIE #18690 in Routing and Switching, 10 years experience hands-on Networking and Managing.
The Owner and Administrator of the forum has this to say about the Evolution of this unique Business idea. "I came from a Consulting fast paced Environment. We charged anywhere from $150.00 to $200 an hour, (2 hour minimum.) Here with CCIEAdvisor it is only $100 a month. You can post questions and have them answered by Genuine CCIE's. So basically for the same cost as One half hour Consult you can have questions answered and configurations recommended too!"

He also admits that this is no full replacement for in house or full staff time augmentation, but adds: "Sometimes a phone call to Cisco TAC is not fast enough or you don't have a smartnet agreement in place and you are in a jam. And sometimes you just want a couple experienced peoples opinion because your staff is not quite the size of a team..."
The Market is mostly SMB's, Small / Medium Sized businesses, with smaller Networking staffs. A Network Manager or lower level Cisco Technician would surely appreciate the help and quick turn around times that are offered. Online with a 99.5 up-time is reassuring as well. This business model will revolutionize consulting and bring around some leverage to the SMB networking teams.

William Walla, Administrator, CCIE
ExpertsIQ, LLC

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