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Advanced International Translations is an international translation agency and localization and software development company, which has been providing high-quality translation and localization services since 1998. AIT is headquartered in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Since it creation AIT has released 10 popular accounting, word count, and project management software products for the translation industry and has translated or localized several million words of source English texts into the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Projetex, project management software for translation agencies, the flagship product of AIT is now used by 100+ translation agencies around the world.

Ultimate Word Count Experience Revealed in AnyCount 7.0. Character, Word and Line Count in 36 File Formats And Graphics

Advanced International Translations (AIT), a software development company with a line of products for freelance translators and translation agencies, has released Version 7.0 of AnyCount: Word Count, Line Count and Character Count Software.

The newest version of AnyCount now supports 11 new file formats totaling 36 of them, which delivers the most extensive word count abilities for users. But what really makes AnyCount unique word count software? Ability to count text in pictures or scanned documents that is the answer.

While adding new OCR features AIT also targeted the improvement of the existing ones. This brought to life new options for office files. Now AnyCount provides accurate statistics in MS Office Graph Chart, in headers and footers for MS Excel (including MS Excel 2007), and also can ignore identical headers and footers both in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

AIT puts much effort and creativity to make feature-packed products, but always bears usability in mind. AnyCount 7.0 features improved interface, which makes word count if not a pleasure then a cinch. Word counting statistics is shown in a more simple and easy-to-use way.

Another piece of user-inspiring news is that AnyCount 7.0 introduces moneysaving sales policy. From now on with 3 separate editions available you pay only for the features you need:

  1. AnyCount Standard — character, word and line count in all MS and Open Office formats + WPD and TXT. Statistics from ZIPs and .RARs available without the archive unpacking.
  2. AnyCount Professional — character, word and line count in all supported file formats, except OCR-files (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG)
  3. AnyCount Enterprise — character, word and line count in all supported file formats, including OCR-files. Plus a bonus feature of generating invoices with additional discounts or markups.

Being introduced in 2004, AnyCount has quickly become de facto standard for word counts in many industries, including translation and localization, medical transcription and content writing. AnyCount 7.0 currently supports 36 file formats BMP, .CHM, .CSV, .DOC, .DOCX, .GIF, .HLP, .HTM, .HTML, .JPG, .MIF, .ODP, .ODS, .ODT, .PDF, .PNG, .PPT, .PPS, .PPTX, .PUB, .RAR, .RTF, .SDC, .SDD, .SDW, .SLP, .SXC, .SXI, .SXW, .TXT, .VSD, .WPD, .XLS, .XLSX, .XML, .ZIP. And on top of the cream user can put a pile of files with different formats, click a button and get accurate and detailed statistics for all of them.

AnyCount is capable not only of the pure word count, but also provides accurate statistics in other customizable units like characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages or anything user can set it up. And the received stats can be easily printed or exported to 7 formats, like RTF, DOC, TXT, CSV, XLS, HTML, and PDF.

Corporate Web-site: http://www.translation3000.com
Media-inquiries: support@anycount.com
For details on AnyCount visit http://www.anycount.com/

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Advanced International Translations is a symbiosis of a software development company and an international translation agency. A wide branch of localization-targeted AIT products like AnyCount (word count software), Projetex (project management software) and AnyMem (translation memory software) are battle-tested by the corporate translation department. With such innovative approach AIT developers deliver software with ultimate usability and AIT translators are on the cutting edge of technology applying their best mental skills and latest software tools in the localization process. Since 1998 AIT development and translation activity is driven by “Excellence, Experience and Innovation”.

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