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For all Those Investors Seeking the last word in Stock Picking and Stock Trading in BSE/NSE Equities in India at fourstocks.com

India 22/07/2009- Does the news of stock markets going up and down bother you? Have you ever tried to know which all stocks are in India top stock picks? If the answer is negative then you are among millions of those who are dislike the stock markets and stock picking or are scared of it. This is mainly due to the fact that when they read news about stock markets going up or down, they are hardly able to understand its dynamics. Those who are brave enough to invest in, say a particular BSE/NSE stock, often end up losing money due to bad decisions.

In order to help all those who have the money but lack expertise in stock trading, we have come up with this unique stock picking website. In this website, users can register for free to join the stock picking community and make stock picks. Once they have made stock picks either based on stock recommendations by experts or own judgment, they can track their stocks. If the BSE/NSE stock that they picked rises or falls as per their prediction, then they earn points whereas they lose.

At present, there are thousands of users, many of whom have made India top stock picks, who actively participate in fourstocks.com. The growing popularity of fourstocks.com is due to the fact that the player does not loose a single penny if he or she makes an incorrect decision regarding stock picking after he joins the stock picking community by registering for free. The only thing that the player in fourstocks.com looses is his ignorance of the stock markets.

By joining the stock picking community, he or she can share the experience as well as knowledge with fellow players through comments and stock recommendations. One also gets an opportunity to interact online with those who have made India top stock picks in recent times. So far, thousands have benefited through this unique initiative.

Recently, the website has also included a news section along with sections on India top stock picks and stock picking community to help players increase their knowledge base. This news section includes news from the world of business as well as those related to Indian stock markets and BSE/NSE stock. Among those who make stock picks in our website include experts as well as amateurs. In fact, many of the amateurs, who have been regular with stock picking, have been able to perform even better in the real stock markets.

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