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Preparing income tax returns is now easy and convenient. eLagaan.com has simplified the entire process, so that anybody can prepare their tax returns easily and accurately without any knowledge of income tax or tax expert’s help. It offers FREE tax preparation for most of the taxpayers and privileged accounts at nominal cost to suit various needs. People who do not want to prepare tax returns online or by themselves, or who do not have access to internet can avail services of their trained tax experts present across India by sending a SMS to 9886006711/ 9663376711 or an email to taxexpert@eLagaan.com.
Normally, a tax payer gives all the details about their income, expenses and savings to a tax expert, who then calculates taxes and prepares tax returns. No tax expert can save any taxes after giving the details, as return is generally prepared after 31st March. eLagaan follows similar model and users need to just provide details about their income, expenses and savings. eLagaan then calculates the taxes and prepares the tax return accurately. Additionally, it also suggests the user about any tax savings that could have been possible and possible steps they should take to save taxes for the current year.
eLagaan supports both normal filing and traditional paper filing of tax returns. It although, recommends to use eFiling as the same is more convenient, hassle free and is eco friendly. With some recent changes made by IT department, anybody opting for eFiling without digital signature should just send the signed copy of the acknowledgment (ITR-V) over post to their CPC at Bangalore, within 30 days of eFiling. Income tax department will then send an email acknowledging receipt of the same. So tax payers need not stand in long queues or rush to local income tax office to file their returns

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