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“American Daredevil” Ryan Capes Risks His Life Again To Set A New World Record Jump.

"American Daredevil" Ryan Capes Risks His Life Again To Set A New World Record Jump.

Orange County , Ca, 7/24/2009 — Monster Energy’s Mega distance jumper, Ryan Capes takes action Saturday July 25th with his first big jump of the ’09 season – a 250F world record attempt at West Virginia’s “MountainFest”.

Capes, who was coined by Evil Knievel himself as “The One” teamed with the “American Daredevil” film crew are shooting for the new hit reality show about Ryan Capes and his life as the “American Daredevil”

Capes claims he’ll huck his Pro Circuit-tuned Mt. Baker Motor-Sports Kawasaki KX250F out well past the 200-foot range, setting a new world record for the furthest 250F jump. “I’m gonna jump over some Budweiser semis,” he says. When one of his crew yells, “How many?” Capes answered “What’s the world record? I should know this.”

Mountainfest and over 70,000 bikers and onlookers expected to attend will be the first of a number of stops on Capes’ cross-country American Daredevil tour. The entire schedule will be release on that shortly, once everything’s wrapped up.

Capes says that some sort of record will fall at every event he takes flight at. “Every fan attending the American Daredevil tour stops will be able to say they witnessed a world record jump of some sort,” said Capes. “And everything will come to a head this October at Daytona Beach, and then we end up back out west and set up to smash that 400-foot barrier.”

If you would like more information on this topic, footage of his world record attempt or would like an interview with Ryan Capes, please contact Howard Lee 949 929 9988 or email him at allgoodmfg@aol.com

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