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An Economic Survival Mechanism , Especially for Women

An Economic Survival Mechanism – Steve Hall’s Sell Your Specialty Food Offers A Profit-Making Way To Cope With The Economic Meltdown

The Scenario:
o Our economy is in crisis
o Businesses are failing at an alarming rate
o Many families are looking for ways to cope
o Farmers who want to achieve farm sustainability can do so by producing and marketing value-added foods
o Small business start ups are abounding, especially food firms headed by women
o Each year the $50 billion specialty/gourmet food industry attracts thousands of start-up food entrepreneurs

The Solution:
1. A marketing textbook that Oprah’s Magazine calls: “A go to book for any start-up company.” Sell Your Specialty Food (Kaplan, NY 2008)
2. One-on-one professional consulting services. Fundamentally useful and cost-effective guidance in establishing your strategic framework.
3. Collaborative workshops that focus on product-directed and market-driven success.

Topics Addressed by the book, the consulting and the workshops: How Much Will It Cost You and How Long will It Take? - Preparing Yourself to Become an Entrepreneur - The Importance of Formulating a Vision - Creating Your Strategic Framework - Understanding the Food Industry – Primary Markets - Understanding Gourmet Store Concerns - Getting Ready to Market - Determining Start-Up Costs - Developing Your Product - Positioning Your Product - Packaging Your Product - Labeling Your Product - Pricing Your Product - Taking Your Product to Market - The Role of the Internet - Promoting the Product - Finding Buyers, and many more.

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