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The author operates different websites which enables Indians to send Rakhi to India, gifts to India and flowers to India.  He has been involved with the gift industry since 1999. His aim is to connect the global Indian to their roots in India.

Launch of Personalized gifts to India by GiftstoIndia24x7.com

Since times immemorial, gifting has been one of the most effective forms of emotional bonding. A gift has the magical power of bonding people emotionally by surpassing the barriers of space and time. Over the years the dynamics of human relationship has changed but the effectiveness of gifts has remained the same. On any given occasion or day, one can give his or her loved one(s) any pleasant gift that is out for sale in the market but the most lasting impression is created by a Personalized gift.

In the age of globalization, communication between any two points of the world happens in a jiffy, courtesy 'Internet'. It has done wonders in bringing people together over the virtual medium. The emotional pulse is best reciprocated through the gift websites and online gift stores. They offer their customers the access to send gifts from anywhere in the world to their loved ones in other parts of the world. Giftstoindia24x7.com is one such site which specializes in sending a wide variety of items by NRIs as gifts to India at the minimum possible time with the best possible packaging to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

To further multiply the gift options in their impressive collection, the site has recently introduced Personalized gift items. It is a quite unique gift category which includes Handmade Greeting Cards, Chocolate Roses and Heart Roses which one can send as gifts to India from anywhere in the world. The Handmade Greeting Cards are the best way to express the personal emotions through written words. As far as chocolates are concerned, it is a favourite among all ages. When the beauty of roses come in combination with the sweet taste of chocolates it carries that irresistible passion. All these gifts are one of its kind but what is common among them is the personal touch they carry. With all these gifts one can send a piece of his or her mind to the chosen one(s).

The website continuously innovates new ways of reaching out to people by making room for new categories of products. Through these items they create new avenues of emotional expression. For all those people living away from their native land they act as a down memory lane. The CEO of Giftstoindia24x7.com, Mr Amit Desai says in this regard 'With every gift - we commit to send precious emotions. Our latest gift idea will provide the customers an opportunity to shower their love, for their loved ones in India.'

Sending gifts to India through online service is sure to be redefined with the introduction of these personalized gifts.

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