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Wonder File | web based system for sharing and storing files

MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota, July 28 - Wonderfile.com, the lightweight, easy-to-use file tagging system & download center, announces the launch of Wonderfile 2.0. Our patent-pending technology allows subscribers to easily tag and organize their files in an environment that is not constricted by folders.

Wonderfile distinguishes itself from other file sharing services by: implementing a simple lightweight tagging system to organize your files; the ability to upload numerous files at one time; a robust sharing feature that allows users to share files, tags and libraries; and a complete web services API that allows developers to integrate Wonderfile into any web site. Furthermore, the appearance of Wonderfile can also be customized, allowing users to pick custom color backgrounds and upload their logos to both libraries and login screens.

The technology at the core of Wonderfile is the same that is used by the ecommerce powerhouse Amazon.com. Their EC2 and S3 services are the backbone of Wonderfile's infrastructure. We also utilize CloudFront to push your files to thirteen locations around the world to ensure fast delivery of your content. Users' data is stored in high security data centers that are both PCI and HIPAA compliant.

The file tagging system & download center will also make a cost effective addition to any software suite at $8 per month for individuals and $15 per user per month for business class. Wonderfile's unique tagging system will make it a welcome supplement for users looking for something more flexible than folders on a server.

About Author:
Wonderworks Software, LLC is a subsidiary of ArcStone Technologies. Founded by a group of Minneapolis developers and entrepreneurs in 2005 Wonderfile was created as a way to collaborate and get things done.

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Lisa Hirst Carnes
ArcStone Technologies
104 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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