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Solomon Neuhardt has been representing individuals against insurance companies for years. Hopefully you have already visited www.mtaccidentattorney.com. It’s got a ton of information, including up to date information about Montana car accident settlements and verdicts. Solomon Neuhardt was selected for the 2006 “Billings Business 40 Under 40” which consists of the 40 most successful business people under the age of 40. He also served as a consultant for Court TV during the trial of State v. Bieber, also referred to as the “Tiny Tots Daycare Case where Sabine Bieber was convicted of negligently killing one child and severely endangered other children by drugging them with high doses of a Benadryl equivalent. Mr. Neuhardt represents individuals and families in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, semi truck accidents, serious physical injuries, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death dangerous or defective products, medical or hospital negligence, premises liability and insurance disputes. Solomon is a Member of the Montana Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice (formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association). He grew up in Billings, Montana, attending Billings Senior High School, the University of Montana and then the University of Montana School of Law.

Woman Attacked by Three Boxer Dogs

On July 6, 2009, in Billings, Montana, Laurah Peron was outside on her front porch spraying for bugs when up behind her came three boxer dogs that are owned by her neighbor. The dogs viciously attacked her left leg and right hand. Peron’s attorney Solomon Neuhardt states “the attack was completely unprovoked by Ms. Peron.” She had her back turned when the three dogs charged her. A neighbor heard Peron scream and came running to her aid. The neighbor helped Peron into the attached garage of her house (she was unable to get in the front door because it was locked; she had come out of the house through the attached garage door). Finally after several failed attempts, Peron and the neighbor finally shut the animals out of the garage. Another neighbor took Peron to the hospital where she received 29 stitches. One of the dogs that attacked was not up on its rabies shots, so Peron now has to undergo several preventive rabies shots.

Animal control wrote a total of nine tickets to the owner including a ticket for not having a dog vaccinated for rabies. The owner Leon Garcia is set to appear in Municipal Court on July 30. When asked about Ms. Peron’s feelings towards her neighbor her attorney Solomon Neuhardt says, “The owner of the dogs clearly has deliberate indifference about this situation. One of the dogs did not have rabies shots, the owner has not apologized about the vicious attack or offered to pay her astounding medical bills.”

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