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Mid-sized eyewear manufacturer based in the Los Angeles area.


EL Monte, Calif. – A “Sure Winner” for the eyewear consumer, Alpha Viana, Inc. has just launched its very special Kool Kids Eyewear collection, appealing to all ophthalmic professionals who offer eyewear to the little ones. Alpha Viana’s Kool Kids collection will feature designs incorporating all of the colors, shapes, and materials that the young faces will desire….The collection encompasses durable eyewear with the “Cool Factor” The collection is available at the retail level now, and very special low pricing is available to all resellers of Rx – able eyewear.

About Alpha Viana Produced Eyewear:

“The fashion-forward, youthful looks, combined with its high-quality, innovative design makes the Kool Kids extension into the youth market a natural for us,” said Alpha Viana President, Susan Xie: “We are very excited to partner with the retail and wholesale community, and are encouraged by the positive response we have received from the optical marketplace thus far.”

The Kool Kids collection has been designed to meet the eyewear buyer’s needs for quality, performance, style and reliability, while capturing the look and feel of the “Cool Kids” of today. Fashionable, trendy, and colorful looks incorporating the newest eyewear technology has been integrated into every design.

The collection is designed and created by Alpha Viana, a leading supplier of eyewear made for men, women and children of all ages. Its perpetually best-selling Kool Kids, Alpha, Montclair, Arcadia, Bellevue, Bela Vista, MagicFlex, and SpekTek Eyewear, as well as information about Alpha Viana, Inc., a top U.S. and international supplier of quality eyewear, is available at www.alphaviana.com. Or by calling us on our toll free hotline at: (800) 987-6879.

The Company:

Established in 1996, Alpha Viana designs, manufactures, and supplies retailers with the latest trends in eye wear. We carry various lines suited for families with young children to those who are well into their 50s and 60s. With such a vast market for eyewear, Alpha Viana covers every segment with a variety of frames for those seeking individuality and uniqueness. Our wide range of frame selections meets the needs of our different customers. Frames vary from classic, timeless looks to trendy and modern for those who are very fashion-forward.

With our international presence, Alpha Viana is a company in its growth stage, with well-established markets in South America and Asia.

Our products are made from the materials of the highest quality. We use memory titanium, stainless steel, and handmade acetate.

Our unparalleled sales team will help your company stock the latest trends for your clients.

As you proceed through our website, you will see the variety of frames we carry:

Alpha is our signature eyewear. This is the trendiest line for those who value individualism.
Arcadia is our timeless class line. They feature rimless, 180 degree temples, and other classic designs.
Bela Vista is the line that caters to wholesalers and retailers. These frames do not have logos on the side of the frames and has a removable sticker logo on the lens.
Bellevue is our sophisticated line that features rimless frames.

Kool Kids are frames designed with our young customers in mind. These frames come in a multitude of colors and also feature bendable frames and 180 degree temples.
Magic Flex is the line of frames made of memory titanium that allows for all degrees of flexibility and will no lose its shape.

Montclair is our high-end line of frames. They come in a variety of styles with rhinestone insets that adds a touch of elegance and class.
SpekTek is the most affordable line of frames with styles suitable for everyone.


At Alpha Viana, we provide our customers with the best in price, value, and quality on a global scale. We strive to continue to be innovative and lead with up to the minute designs. In addition, we foster growth and development with our suppliers, employees, and customers.

2961 Durfee Ave
El Monte CA, 91732
TOLL FREE: 800-987-6879
TEL : (626)350-9578

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