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Garden Song Studios Launches Their New Online Proofing Website

Garden Song Studios launched their new feature-rich online proofing website at www.gardensongstudiosproofing.com. James Talmon, Creative Director of Garden Song Studios, is very enthusiastic about the possibilities…”We’re looking to provide an experience. Something that’s fluid and easy-to-use…that makes the client’s visit as pleasant and painless as possible. This site will do that.”

Theresa Talmon is the Photographer for Garden Song Studios…”My passion for photography is a life long affair where the love of the art only continues to grow. Helping people to create and capture the life they live and dream of is what motivates me to connect with their true spirit, one moment at a time. I like specializing in on-location lifestyle photography, where they can relax and enjoy the experience, as well as the lasting memories the photographs will hold.”

The husband and wife team believe that a good photographer is like a good story teller; conveying all the excitement and atmosphere through his or her images including the little details that really help to color the full story of the day. They also believe politeness and the ability to mix with a broad range of people of all ages is absolutely essential to get the best out of people.

Theresa also suggests that her clients "add a little garden” in with Garden Song Studios. She has a background in floral design and encourages them to add some beautiful and aromatic fresh flowers or foliage into their photography sessions.

Garden Song Studios is located in Las Vegas Nevada. Their photo sessions include Portraits, Weddings, Events, Graduations, among others.

Contact: James Talmon, Creative Director
(702) 526-6696

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