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Please welcome this seasons hottest signing ... URO-GOAL - Urinal football Advertising.

Awarded “Most Exciting Newcomer 2009”.

Through urinal football, URO-GOAL is set to revolutionise washrooms near you!

Finally a medium of advertising that GUARANTEES the attention of those around it. No longer will the success of an advert be driven through the luck of glimpsing at a billboard, tuning the radio or actually watching television adverts, it will be through putting a well aimed effort in to the top corner of URO-GOAL.

When nature calls, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Wall displayed adverts are a thing of the past. URO-GOAL makes the inevitable both entertaining and amusing, guaranteeing the complete attention of the target audience.

The interactive URO-GOAL achieves exposure at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising.

Most men fancy themselves as being a ‘bit of a Beck's’, now here’s their chance to prove it … WITH YOUR PRINT RIGHT IN THE LINE OF SIGHT.

Once your message and URO-GOAL are in place, it is GUARANTEED to be the PREMIER attraction within a heavily trafficked area.

URO-GOAL’S ability to captivate an audience is unparalleled, no one remembers the team that came second, so sign up for the URO-GOAL experience now at http://www.uro-goal.com

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