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Beauty Workshop With Carter Sinclair Follow Up

Sign up for a Beauty Workshop online! No need to attend physically, a make-up workshop to be conducted by a visiting make-up artist from Korea.

Through Carter Sinclair Cosmetics Distributor, we will share precious resources including perceptive articles, inspiring recipes, news and more. We are looking forward to Carter Sinclair Cosmetics Workshop b a visiting makeup artist from Korea serving both as a place for us to distribute resources and information with our appreciated associates and clients and also for you to share your opinion. The beauty workshop aims to visit our website more often and share your thoughts and feedback.
About Shin Park
The Carter Sinclair Cosmetics pleased to introduce you to our visiting Make Up Artist for Asian Beauties, Shin Park. Shin combines her years of skin care beauty tips and experience in Korea and other Asian countries by coordinating and writing the content on the web that you will enjoy throughout your Workshop.
Shin comes from a family of beauty experts, not well known but very good in her line of profession. Shin has been able to pursue her enthusiasm with great passion. She is pleased to share her experience and thoughts on beauty skin care carter and sinclair’s Beauty Workshop, and she is eager to use this as a means to work together with other beauty enthusiasts and the valued customers of carterandsinclair.com
For more information please visit www.carterandsinclair.com or email us at info@carterandsinclair.com to register. Dates, time and web address will be emailed to ensure you are registered. Please watch out for other details on September of this year for complete information.
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