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Unique Social Network Dedicated to Symbols Launches…

Signalyx.com is a brand new site that is launching itself in the domain of symbolic images.
This site is focused on serving as a platform for individuals wishing to project who they are and what they stand for. This site has just launched and its website is www.signalyx.com.

“Upload Images that you believe Inspire and Represent who you are. Whether you are an Artist, Campaigner or Entertainer; Leave your mark with Signalyx by sharing the Symbols that inspire you.”

Signalyx.com is a social networking site that is focused on peoples’ representations about themselves primarily through the use of symbolic images / photos / art. By doing this, the site’s founders’, believe that social networking will take a turn towards a new wave of personification through images that members will upload to reflect on their lives.

Signalyx is all about redefining who you are as a person through visual imagery and how that imagery relates to your everyday life. Art should be as dynamic as possible, and everyone should share in the reflective journey that an engagement in art brings.

Signalyx enables you to bring out your artistic side in the way that you view the changing world around you. This social networking site ensures that your art can be appreciated from your perspective. Take photos of your artwork and images that you believe are redefining who you are as often as you like.

Signalyx.com is operated & maintained by Signalyx Private Limited, a UK incorporated company with registration number 6624752.

For further information please contact:

The Managing Director
Signalyx Limited
16 Brock Road
West Midlands
E-mail: managingdirector@signalyx.com
Website: www.signalyx.com

For Specific Information on the Website: info@signalyx.com

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.signalyx.com/

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