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Suggestions and Resources for using Financial Translation Services

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers the following suggestions and resources for using financial translation services:
Multinational corporations have divisions spread around the world, and it is usually the case that they have to create business plans, sales forecasts, and other types of reports and analyses to submit to their local branch, as well as to the home office and other divisions in foreign countries. When foreign companies collaborate with U.S. organizations, they are required to file specific documents with U.S. regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Financial organizations with international branches require highly specialized financial translations to stay in compliance with these strict SEC regulations.
Financial laws, practices and terminology differ from country to country, and this places additional responsibilities on translators to stay up to date with changes affecting the global financial services industry. Professional financial translators are therefore highly knowledgeable about laws, practices and terminology specific to the financial sector. Financial organizations should therefore only use translators who are specialized in the financial sector.
THE MARKETING ANALYSTS’ rigorous hiring process ensures that all of our translators are experts in their technical fields as well as in the languages in which they work. Our quality control process involves a project management team performing quality checks on each and every translation while ensuring the fidelity and secrecy of the documents entrusted to our care. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS translates financial documents including annual reports, business plans, financial statements, sales projections, fact sheets, audit reports, policy documents, shareholder communications, public offering prospectuses, fact sheets, and press releases.
THE MARKETING ANALYSTS provides professional translations in more than 30 major world languages and for most business and industrial sectors.

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