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Press Release: Sidetraxx Records Music Group Distribution (SMGD) expands digital services with XXtremee Promotions. 414 737-5526

XXTREMEE™ DISTRIBUTION & PROMOTIONS GOES PUBLIC! Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Brooklyn, New York, Aug 3, 2009—The Miltown Source Magazine Press: Sidetraxx™ Music Group Distribution (SMGD),

The award winning sales and marketing division of Sidetraxx™ Music Group, the Midwest leading Music Company, has entered into a strategic alliance with its digital media division XXtremee™, a leading digital music distribution and promotions company. The announcement was made today by Johnnie Gee, President & CEO of SMGD and, Founder of XXtremee™ Media LLC. As part of this agreement, XXtremee™ will provide and host distribution portals for SMG's labels as well as partner labels and artists.

Further, as an artist's career grows, they may benefit from having a number of artist-discovery, marketing and up streaming opportunities within the SMGD systems.
This partnership further expands SMG's growing portfolio of strategic media alliances, while enhancing the services and opportunities that SMGD provides partner labels and artists. SMGD will also provide XXtremee's customers with a comprehensive menu of artist services, including licensing opportunities, promotions, CD Duplication, Graphic Design and professional audio mastering. Additionally, STDC, also a XXtremee™ investor and strategic partner, will provide to SMGD access to its entire chain of over 100 nationwide as a non-traditional retail channel for the sale of physical and digital product which includes select XXtremee™ Artist titles.

Some of XXtremee™ Services Include:

New Media Strategy:
We work closely with Artist and other members of their team to craft and implement new media marketing strategies.

Community Networks:
Online community promotions and marketing via sites like Facebook, Myspace, twitter, Last FM and imeem and other music social networks.

Digital Retail:
Online digital distribution is just the first step. Digital end-cap positioning and driving online sales and measurable results is XXtremee’s main focus.

Broadcast Radio Promotion Support:
XXtremee’s powerful radio promotions will increase response through direct email contact with Program Directors, Music Directors, Promotion Directors, and DJs at R&R Reporting stations in the following formats: Top 40 Mainstream, Top 40 Crossover, Urban, Mainstream Hip Hop, Active Rock, Alternative, and Rock.

Online Property Management:
XXtremee™ can manage all Artist online properties so they can focus on writing music, touring, and meeting with fans in person.

XXtremee™ can manage online marketing for new album releases and develop strategies for fan management, viral marketing, digital retail, online streaming, and advertising. XXtremee™ will work with you to analyze your music project and discuss your online marketing options.

About Sidetraxx/XXtremee Music Group
XXtremee™ Distribution & Promotions is a music marketing and promotion company. Our marketing tools and strategies will build awareness of your project via the Internet and new media outlets. Major and independent record labels alike have come to rely on our marketing tools which work to boost record sales.

XXtremee Distribution was started by industry veterans to further the goal of helping develop the cutting edge of new artists and labels with innovative marketing and talent. Combining 25+ years of valuable experience with an arsenal of talents and a passion for breaking albums and artists, XXtremee is about to add a few new pages to the history books! Johnnie Gee, Founder of XXtremee Distribution, is an expert on new media music marketing. His career began 13, with Capitol Records, Brunswick Records, Cuca Records and GECOM Marketing. Johnnie Gee then joined the Warner Bros. Records' marketing department. Next, Johnnie went on to work with industry veterans like Bizzy Bone, LALA Brown, Jersey Ave, Mopreme Shakuar, Gansta Nip, Coo Coo Cal and Rick Robinson of iMG Recordings before founding XXtremee. Johnnie holds an MBA from the Alverno School of Business at the University of Wisconsin.

We organize your fans and provide them with tools to interact and promote your artists on the streets and on the Internet. XXtremee provides you with detailed reporting and statistics about members and their activities. XXtremee™ Distribution is the ultimate entertainment marketing resource for the new millineum, combining highly creative artist development with innovative effective marketing and promotion techniques learned from the majors. Distribution is worldwide in over 77 countries. XXtremee has a vast staff of top professionals in all areas to help you maximize your opportunities!

XXtremee/Sidetraxx Music Group become a partner unit, a global media and communications company.

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