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Radio is Still King

We all expected it. Even Push Button encouraged it with all the money we spend on it. But in the end, the opposite occurred, and it's kinda cool. Radio out-sold the internet this year in regards to advertising, albeit by a marginal amount. Although we have our budget tied in both, we really thought that the internet for sure would have won that battle considering the way companies are spending entire salaries on Adwords. But radio is still king. And judging by the increase in demand for jingles from Push Button in the past month, radio may be the king next year as well.

Radio advertisement can take your product to all over the world so rapid publicity is possible. Jingle production teams are also more helpful and cooperative at every level as compared to other modes of marketing. They give you suggestions for developing a good quality, effective jingle.

Radio ads should be produced by professional people to make it effective and to be under rules and regulations.

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