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Immune Health Key to Staying Healthy During Potential Swine Flu Pandemic

Crete, IL ( WorldPressRelease ) August 07, 2009 – Just months away from the fall flu season, we are learning that the H1N1 virus, also known as the Swine Flu, is showing signs of strength. It is estimated that billions of people worldwide will be affected by the virus, but the ever changing strain has eluded scientists attempting to pinpoint a vaccine that will protect the masses from the ever changing virus.

One company, Deuce Adam (http://www.deuceadam.com), suggests that the key to beating the virus is to be in top immune health. David McGowan of Deuce Adam (http://www.deuceadam.com) stated, ?A balanced immune system is the key. If your immune system is overactive you develop autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, allergies, lupus, MS and diabetes. If your immune system is underactive, your body can?t fight off colds and flu. We feel that the key to beating this virus is to have an immune system that is neither over or underactive. Optimal immune health was the key for so many in beating this virus this past spring and it will be the key for the billions facing infection this fall.?

Deuce Adam (http://www.deuceadam.com), which offers a variety of nutritional supplements that promote immune health, offers various forms of their main immune health product including powders, capsules and chewables in various flavors. Their product holds over 100 international patents.

According to David McGowan, ?Your immune system is the key to good health. If your immune system is working properly you can protect your body against toxins, pollutants, viruses, disease and bacteria. Many of us are so busy in our day to day lives that we fail to eat properly or unknowingly fill our bodies with chemicals through consumption of foods with pesticides and other substance on them and contact with cleaners and other pollutants. Usually our bodies get rid of these toxins, but if you are unable to optimize your immune system or if your body is overwhelmed fighting toxins and illnesses it cannot work optimally to fight off additional viruses such as H1N1.?

It is recommended that those who are looking to naturally fight strains of H1N1 should begin working on strengthening their immune system at least a month before the strain begins to start spreading during the fall and winter flu season. David McGowan stated, ?The sooner you begin a nutritional supplement the more likely your body will be able to fight off illness, cold, flu and other attacks against your immune system.

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