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Neko Atsume guide and online generator cheat tool revealed at comicvine.com

In a recent article posted by a blogger at comicvine.com, some useful tips has been shared along with a link to an online generator tool which will enable users to get unlimited gold fish or niboshis in the popular cat collector game, Neko Atsume. As reported, the blogger who claims to be the creator of the online generator as well had made the hack so that players of Neko Atsume can easily purchase the required items without spending real money like some players.

The spokesperson of the site maintained, “The tips and advice listed by the blogger will definitely offer some guidance and information on how to gain more success in the game. However, for quick results and for saving time performing the tasks so as to gather the resources, it will be best to make use of the online generator tool.”

He also revealed that the cheat tool is totally safe mainly because of the reason that users do not have to download anything on their gadgets. He cited, “Since the hack tool is online, users simply have to furnish their proper e-mail address or game usernames before entering the necessary numbers of gold fish or silver fish.”

Reports suggest that, many users have had successful attempts using the online generator and gained the entered amount of resources. The fact that it is free to use makes it really advantageous for those players who are unable to buy the required items from the in-game stores.

According to sources Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a free to download and play game for iOS and Android mobile devices. In the game, players are tasked with the mission to collect as many kittens and cats with the ultimate goal to become the cat lord. It is fun, engaging, and a must play game for cat lovers. For more details go to


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