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Recycling Plant that Recycles with Total Solution – Recycling Plant with Sophisticated Shredder, Granulator & Dehydrator

Kun Sheng Machine Co., Ltd. providing recycling companies with plastic recycling solutions that represent a viable, economical alternative for a clean environment with no contamination from the recycling plant. Clients rely on us for efficient, cost-effective recycle equipment, minimization of liability risks, elimination of warehousing fees and ensuring the recycling plant is designed to meet your requirements.

Kun Sheng's valuable design team provides responsive and expert advice when you really need it. Their well-trained employees and qualified engineers can react quickly to address the most demanding of technical problems. Their more than 17-year seasoned experience makes them professional for planning various recycling plants, such as plastic recycling production line, wire recycling production line, cable recycling production line, tire recycling production line, wood recycling production line, etc.

Recycling / Recovery with Recycling Equipment

For large household white goods, such as fridges and cookers, recycling infrastructure is strong. However, for smaller more complicated equipment, the development of new infrastructure and technology has become necessary. There are four broad methods employed by industry to recycle:

1. Equipment Dismantling - the manual separation of reusable and recyclable components
2. Mechanical Recycling - the removal of hazardous components followed by granulating and shredding, in order to remove the recyclable raw materials such as plastic and ferrous metal
3. Incineration and Refining - metal can be recovered after the more combustible material has been incinerated
4. Chemical Recycling - precious metals such as gold and silver can be removed from printed circuit boards and components via chemical processes

Mechanical Plastic Recycling

Mechanical plastic recycling refers to processes which involve the shredding, granulation, blending, dehydration, cutting, washing and vibratory sieving of waste plastics. When doing plastic recycling, plastics must be sorted prior to mechanical recycling. Most sorting for mechanical plastic recycling is done by trained staff who manually sort the plastics into polymer type and/or color. Technology is being introduced to sort plastics automatically, using various techniques such as X-ray fluorescence, infrared and near infrared spectroscopy, electrostatics and flotation. After sorting, the plastic is either melted down directly and moulded into new shapes, or melted down after being shredded into flakes and then processed into granules called regranulate
Recycling Equipment - Industrial Shredder
kun sheng twin shaft shredder ks-k40100

In the recycling industry, shredders are a key piece of mechanical recycling equipment in any recycling plant. Industrial shredders are conveyor-fed shredders designed for higher volume applications. Industrial shredders combine a high-output shredder with the versatility of a disintegrator (rotary knife mill). They shred and cut the recycled plastic into small pieces regardless the size. Some companies purchase industrial shredders to shred various recycling materials, including paper, plastic, electric wires, tires, fridges, computers and related equipment, and metal appliances. If you are looking for a recycling material shredder for industrial purposes, check out Kun Sheng for various kinds of shredders.
Recycling Equipment - Granulator
Kun Sheng Granulators D66100WB

* Kun Sheng provides a full range of top quality granulators including: Powerful Granulator (productive type)
* Small Instant Recycling Granulator
* Super Powerful Granulator (high productive type)
* Super Powerful Granulator

* For newer model of granulator: Granulator room is able to open using hydraulic power; easy to clean. Granulator room may be half opened using hydraulic power, easy for user to clean up the inside of the room.
* Multiple Rotating knife: improved knife life and capacity.
* Blade Changing: Blade Changing base is included, user can adjust the blade outside of crushing chamber and place it back after the adjustment. Easier and Faster!
* More Knife Claws: Granulator rotates slower than the old ones, increases the production ability.
* The granulator has more knife claws, the wall of granulator is thicker, and less noisy.
* Net switch using hydraulic power; easy to clean up the granulated material and replace the net.
* Bearing outside the crushing chamber which is heat, water & dust resistance.
* Crushing chamber: The crush room has 2 endplates on both sides to protect the bearings.
* Belt pulley: The push type belt pulley which is easy to take off and maintain.
* Belt: V type with Heat & Oil resistance.

A granulator is a machine used to break products down so they can be recycled. A granulator operates much like a large shredder. It turns full-sized bottles, jugs, and other products into flakes, or granules. For example, the material produced by the plastic granulator is later sold to molders and manufacturers of plastic products as recycled raw material. The recycled raw material can be used to make new plastic items. Aside from aluminum and glass, plastic is the only material capable of being reprocessed into new items that are of the same quality as the original.
What are the important factors when purchasing a granulator:

Bearing of Granulator -- the bearing is mounted outside of the crash chamber; this new design provides heat-proof, water-proof and dust-proof features.

Screen of Granulator -- instead of removing the screen by hands, oil pressure removing function is cheaper and faster.

Cutter -- when the recycling materials are cut imprecisely, it could be caused by dull cutters, incorrectly sized or adjusted cutters, or improper evacuation. In that case, what you can do with the granulator is that - the cutters should be sharpened or replaced.

Recycling Equipment – Dehydrator Machine

There are three types of dehydrator machine, dehydrator for recycled hard materials, dehydrator for soft recycled materials and dehydrator for both soft and hard materials. Vertical Type De-Watering Machine for rigid material, Squeeze Type De-Watering Machine for soft material and Horizontal Type De-Watering Machine for both rigid and soft materials.

The Horizontal type dehydrator machine is used to dehydrate film plastic material in plastic washing links, like PE film, PP woven bags and so on. It is an important piece of recycling equipment in the plastic recycling production line. With high speed rotation, the fan blades can remove the excess mud,sand and water of the material out of the mesh. The moisture of the final products for rigid material will less than 1 per cent.For film plastic,it may still contain 10~15 per cent water after dehydrate.

The Squeeze type dehydration machine is used to dehydrate film plastic. Dewatering screens come with vibrating motors to agitate the material for quicker sifting. Depends on the kind of material and the thickness of the material,the moisture of the final products will between 4~10 per cent.

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