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Children’s Book Takes a Leap in Promoting Diversity

The Horrible Huckleberry Hex is a new, exciting, and spooky multicultural tale about an eleven year old named Jordan Davis. Jordan’s adventure begins when he and his family decide to go on a camping trip. During a nature walk, they discover a mysterious ancient oak tree that’s trunk is surrounded by giant mouth watering blueberries. It isn’t long before Jordan soon discovers that the berries he and his family have been gobbling down are cursed and could lead to dark fate more gruesome than any of them could ever imagine.

The Horrible Huckleberry Hex is similar to R.L. Stines’s Goosebumps series and Jonathan Rand’s American Chillers. The difference between these recognized literary works and this newly released title is that it is multicultural. Each chapter also features ez recipes children. There is very little emphasis ethnic heritages of the main character. It is simply a humorous, chilling adventure about a young boy and his family.

The author, Alani M’echel Weathers, originally from Las Vegas, Nevada is a resident of Kincheloe, Michigan. She is a senior at Lake Superior State University majoring in Communication with a minor in Public Relations and a minor in Communication and Drama. Weathers is currently a public relations intern for the LSSU Arts Center under Intrim Dean Dr. Gary L. Balfantz, Division of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. In addition, Weathers is a certified English and Communication tutor and an advocate for children’s literacy.

“I love to read,” says Weathers. “My mother read to me often as a child and I remember the magic that seemed to leap from one page to the next. I couldn’t wait for my next “literary” adventure. I was able to escape into worlds that were filled with fun, mystery and excitement! In addition to pursuing my education, I help my mother raise my six nieces and nephews. My mother and I emphasize the importance of education and the importance of reading. You simply can’t have one without the other. My mother and I both read to my nieces and nephews often. They especially love R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series and Jonathan Rand’s American and Michigan Chillers. Seeing the excitement on their faces when we read stories to them is what inspired me to write The Horrible Huckleberry Hex. ”

The Horrible Huckleberry Hex will become available at popular online book retailer Amazon.com in mid August 2009 and will be released in October 2009 to be distributed through Ingram for purchase at over 25,000 online and in store locations.

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