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New music video from Robofloyo the rapping robot

Similar to Gorillaz and Prozzak, Robofloyo is a virtual music group. They use an animated robot as their public persona.

Robofloyo uses text to speech software to create the rapping robot character heard in their music, which blends hip-hop and electronic beats with diverse genres such as bossa nova, rock and reggae.

The video for their first single, Play With My Wee, is a parody of the Nintendo Wii style of gaming. The video can be found on youtube, or their website http://www.robofloyo.com

Their latest video, Server's Down, features a parody of Guitar Hero and RockBand video games. The video can be viewed on youtube, or Robofloyo's website http://www.robofloyo.com

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.robofloyo.com

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