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Buying Preconstruction Condos in the Cancun Real Estate Market

Why use a Mexico buyers broker?

With pre-construction Cancun condominiums popping up on every corner there is a huge variety of options in the current marketplace. But with so many options to choose from it is sometimes difficult to sift out the one perfect deal that is worth a second look. Not only is the abundance of options overwhelming, but it can create a risk to the inexperienced buyer here in the Cancun real estate market.

So do you need a Mexico Real Estate Agent to represent you?

Many buyers think that if they deal directly with a developer they will get a better price since the developer does not have to pay a commission. However, your chance of sitting face to face with the developer is about zero to none. You will be attended by the developer’s sales staff who will receive the commission in place of a broker that would be representing you. There is always a commission paid, whether to your broker or the in-house sales staff. Of course the in-house sales staff is not working for you. Your broker is the one who can help make sure you get the best deal and are protected. Even if a developer has a good reputation, he will still be thinking of himself first, not you. So it is a good idea that he knows you have a broker looking out for your best interests.

In the current Mexico real estate market there is so much available product. A huge variety of options is great for you, the prospective buyer, as you can choose the property that offers you the most for your money. Some developers have lowered prices so it is an attractive time to buy. However, this overabundance of projects means that there is a risk that some of them will not be successful with sales and construction may never be finished. This represents a huge risk to the buyer. Knowing which developers have an established reputation and track record is crucial to the success and security of your investment. A good broker who knows the area and the developers will help you determine the projects that represent a safe investment.

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