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UCW Entertainment To Produce Various Independent Films and Documentaries in 2010

It was announced today that sports and entertainment company, UCW Entertainment (www.ucwe.com), will be embarking on various new ventures going into 2010, including producing various independent films, documentaries as well as television projects.

UCWE is currently reviewing a number of independent film and television project submissions through out 2009 and plans on launching the production of several of those film projects beginning January 2010.

“After months of developing the financing arm of the company we are now prepared to launch our film and television production division , of course with the first steps being the review of the scripts and production projects that have been submitted already, however we are going to continue to accept new submissions through out the remainder of 2009,” stated Managing Director Louis Velazquez.

A review team is being put in place to evaluate not only the submitted scripts/screenplays but also the shorts and pre-production trailers. The hope is to connect with young directors, writers, actors and production staff nationwide to give them a platform which to springboard to higher ground from.

To submit an independent film or television project please go to www.ucwe.com

Note: please be prepared to submit realistic budget projections with the projects.

UCW Entertainment
Tel: 323-952-4369
Web: www.ucwe.com

Be sure to keep tuned to UCW Magazine for new interviews and updates at www.ucwmagazine.com with some fo the brightest and best in entertainment.

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.ucwe.com

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