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Dallas technical blinds: design and technology

Under the Resstende trademark a new façade system designed to cover huge glass surfaces and to better the energy efficiency of buildings thanks to specific shading fabrics

The target is to cover big glass surfaces and guarantee an effective solar protection. In one word “Dallas”, roller blinds designed by Resstende for curtain walls. Combined with shading fabrics such as Screen or Soltis, Dallas helps reducing energy costs linked to air conditioning and thus reducing the environmental impact.

Thanks to the special fitting method – this system is suspended and fixed on stainless steel rods - Dallas guarantees a high wind resistance.

Perfect synthesis of design and technology, the Dallas system is characterised by an aluminium round headbox with stainless steel wires guides or with stainless steel rods guides. The side caps for the anchorage of the whole system include flanges and special brackets are used to pull the wire/rod for surface or floor fixing.

Finally in order to obtain a perfect wind up and plain aspect, the fabrics to be used with this system have to be coated or coupled.

For more information on Dallas system or on the other Resstende products, such as blinds for interior and awnings please visit the website http://www.resstende.com

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