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Optimize Interactive Offers Monthly SEO Maintenance Packages

Luxembourg – 19 August, 2009 – Optimize Interactive (www.optimize-interactive.com) announced today that it has developed monthly SEO maintenance packages and a simplified process that makes it easy for companies to produce and distribute the content that is necessary to ensure SEO success. To achieve and maintain a high organic SEO ranking, a substantial amount of SEO-optimized content needs to be created every month. As well, this material must be published online on as many relevant websites as possible. For many companies this presents a major challenge.

“Our clients understand that they need to produce relevant, well-written content on a regular basis to improve their organic ranking,” said Jeff Hicks, creative director at Optimize Interactive. “But they lack the resources and budget to do it properly. That’s why we’ve created a simple content development process that is affordable.” Optimize Interactive’s process is simple and effective. By conducting monthly interviews to gather information, the time demands on clients are greatly reduced. Then, by reworking the same content for use in a variety of channels – articles, social media, blogs, press releases, forums and more – they deliver affordable SEO.

Optimize Interactive recognizes that it is a serious mistake to think that SEO-optimized content is only useful for disseminating keywords and creating back-links to as many sites as possible. “Content that is not relevant and well written, that is placed on sites where it doesn’t belong or sites of no value will hurt a company’s organic ranking,” Jeff Hicks continued.

Optimize Interactive views SEO-optimized copy as an integral part of its interactive marketing services. Margaret Rose, Optimize Interactive’s Business Development Director, explained: “Our core business is building brands and creating demand. Both branding and SEO require the consistent use of keywords and phrases, so all our copy is grounded in SEO, whether it’s for website content, or used in a banner ad or lead generation campaign.”

About Optimize Interactive
Optimize Interactive is an interactive marketing and branding agency. To maximize ROI, we use smarter marketing to increase sales and lower costs. Benefit-driven corporate and product strategies serve as the foundation for our SEO-optimized communications. We then combine award-winning design and copywriting with strategic expertise to build your brand and create demand. Optimize Interactive provides branding, strategy, copy, web development, SEO, SEM, demand-generation campaigns, lifecycle marketing, localization and Salesforce.com performance enhancement.

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