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SureHair Announces Launch of Swank New Website With Features to Service Long Distance Clients

Sure Hair now announces launch of swank new website with added features to provide service to their long distance clients. Already in the public eye with 6 running locations in the vicinity of Toronto, Canada, this move is seen as a strategic effort to take SureHair’s scope of work beyond geographical limits.

Sure Hair International is among the most prominent hair replacement companies in Canada offering the best technology and highest quality hair replacement products and services. Both men and women can avail of SureHair’s Hair Transplant, Hair Systems, Hair Extensions, Laser Therapy Hair Regrowth and Hair Thickening facilities. SureHair has enjoyed the reputation of offering better service, better price and better guarantee than most of its competition. Services at SureHair also include hair replacement, hair restoration, wigs, laser comb and more. These services are constantly upgraded in an attempt to stay abreast of research and new inventions and techniques. Sure Hair is also a teaching facility for out of town doctors wanting to learn about latest hair restoration and transplant methods.

SureHair has taken the scope of its services further and aimed for a wider and varied customer base by launching a new website that facilitates free, private and absolutely discreet on line consultations. The new site facilitates uploading of client photographs thereby enabling the staff to offer more case centric advice.

Medical director of Sure Hair International, Dr. Nelson Ferreira M.D, says, ”We offer various surgical options like the Uni-Strand ® Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant and the Trichophytic closure, and non surgical non-surgical alternatives like the NT Hair systems that can be worn as a semi permanent or permanent attachment by people who are not suitable candidates for transplants or people who do not want to go in for surgery.”

About www.surehair.com

We at Sure Hair offer the most modern options for hair replacement and hair restoration necessitated by hair loss problems in men as well as women. We offer a wide range of surgical and non surgical services such as treating early hair loss with Surethik products, FDA approved laser treatments and our exclusive NT hair systems for men and women. We employ over 25 people in each of our locations and have a dedicated team of hair care professionals that always put our clients first. SureHair offers private, discreet and free consultations and also services long distance clients through on line consultation and analysis with the help of photographs and data.

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