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DentStore Offers Free Home Delivery for Popular Home Tooth Whitening Products

August 28, 2009; [City], England – DentStore – an online retailer for Home Tooth Whitening products – is pleased to offer fast and free home delivery for many popular name brand tooth whitening and oral care products. The online dental care retailer has delivered teeth whitening products to more than 23,000 customers across the UK, making it the leading teeth whitening online superstore in the UK.

DentStore has achieved its success in part to its inventory of effective home teeth whitening products of all types, including the popular Crest Whitestrips, teeth whitening gels, and lasers. However, the store also serves as a resource for customers looking for more information about tooth whitening, home tooth whitening products, the difference between popular teeth whitening products and more.

“We’re dedicated to being a one-stop resource for our customers that would like to have whiter teeth,” said James Belcher, President of DentStore. “By visiting our Web site, customers can not only get the products that they are looking for at affordable prices, but they can also get detailed information about how to use those products, which products provide which results, and more. By being able to find more information about teeth whitening products, our customers can be sure that they are getting the right teeth whitening products for their lifestyles and their budgets.”

For example, DentStore customers can get detailed information about how to brush with an Electric Tooth Brush, learn which home tooth whitening products may provide the best results for their teeth, and how to maintain proper oral hygiene with the right tools.

Moreover, said Belcher, DentStore customers have the benefit of getting the home tooth whitening products delivered to their doors, sometimes within just 48 hours. “When our customers shop online with us, they have a huge selection of home tooth whitening products to choose from,” he said. “Because we have so many products that are not available in just one store, customers really can select the best products for their needs from a much wider selection than they might find in a store.” DentStore also offers free delivery on orders of more than 20 pounds.

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    DentStore is the UK’s leading teeth whitening superstore with more than 23,000 customers across the country. The company focuses on educating customers about how they can use oral hygiene products most effectively while also offering excellent prices and customer services for popular tooth whitening and oral care products. Name brands available through DentStore include Crest, Oral-B, Dr. Collins, and Sonicare. Customers may also pay via PayPal or Google Checkout services.
    For more information, visit www.dentstore.co.uk

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