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The Glamour of Dancing

There is something magnificent in the world of dancing. Pastures, beautiful athletic bodies, looks, gestures, everything has its special meaning and a special atmosphere. Coming to ballroom dancing competitions or showrooms, everyone stays speechless of the beauty of the couples, moves, costumes and the music. But no one really things how hard work it is to create those beautiful performances which looks as they are so easy and the dancers could do it from birth.

The sport of ballroom dancing historically was one of the most expensive and luxurious sport where upscale parents gave their kids to learn this beautiful type of art. There are only few who are really goes on the top, getting to the competitions on the international level. What would it be the reason: if dancing are too expensive to afford or just too difficult to manage? We asked for help Natalia Sosnina, the former ballroom dance champion in her native Russia what is the reason that majority of the people gave it up.“Obviously, there are plenty of personal situations and it is hard to judge”, says Natalia, “but once you start, you can not give up”, it’s like a drug which you always want to do again and again…”

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