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All-ready ARM9 coming with full-featured Linux&WinCE

Hiteg has now updated two of their most popular ARM9 SBCs: the MINI2440 and SKY2440-v2.
As announced by Hiteg, they have increased the Nand Flashes to 128MB(on MINI2440) and 256MB(on SKY2440-v2) according to the feedbacks from their customers. Beside the Nand Flash chips, these boards both features the Samsung S3C2440 (ARM920T) micro-controller, 64MB SDRAM and 2M Nor Flash as the central controller part; on the peripheral part they offer USB Host&Device, serial ports, audio, LCD (3.5"/4.3"/7"/10.4".), SD card, ethernets, and a lots more.

While on the software part, Hiteg has recently released new BSPs for Linux and WinCE5.0. The full-featured Linux Board Support Package (BSP) is based on the latest 2.6.30 kernel. It includes drivers and software support for all of the above mentioned hardware interfaces and even more.

Along with the pre-configured&built kernel, the company also provide Ready built GNU tool chain with full GCC C/C++ cross compiler and debugger, ready-made yaffs2 filesystem and collection of user space software like busybox, Qt embedded, etc. With Qt embedded you can develop professional and attractive graphical user interfaces.

Also ready is the WinCE5.0 BSP. According to Hiteg, the new BSP for WinCE5.0 features:
* PQOAL structure. Can be port to WinCE6.0 easily;
* Supporting both 64MB and 128MB Nand Flash;
* Supporting up to 32GB SD card;
* Supporting various kinds of LCDs. You can make it for your own LCD by simply modifying a header file;
* Supporting using the UART0 as either debug port or common serial port;
* User-defined start Logo. You can download bitmaps via USB to the Flash and use it as start logo;
* Nboot bootloader. A fast boot loader that boots the WinCE system in 5 seconds, can be used with both 64/128MB Nand Flash;
* User-defined progress bar. The color, size, position of the N-boot progress bar can be self-defined by simply modifying Header file;

The all-ready BSPs give you a kick-start into the application software development, compared with a "start from scratch" approach, the Hiteg ready-to-go SBCs offer a far more speedy and cost effective solution.

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