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Sommerhusudlejning.dk wants to be the biggest

Holstebro, Denmark – 2,5 year old firm wants to be the biggest holiday rental agency in Denmark. The name of the firm is Sommerhusudlejning.dk

Sommerhusudlejning.dk has been on the market for 2,5 year and the firm is growing fast. The philosophy of the firm is to offer holiday houses all over Europe to the cheapest prices on the market. All the houses are rented online and that is a lot easier than sending out a catalog. This is an advantage for the customer because they can see more pictures than in a catalog and most of the times there will be more info about the houses. That means it is easier for the customer to find the perfect holiday house for their vacation. The meaning of Sommerhusudlejning.dk is that is shall be as relaxing to find a holiday house as the vacation itself.

The webpage of the firm is http://www.sommerhusudlejning.dk and this webpage is daily updated and we are always looking for new features that will make the visit for a customer the best possible.

The name Sommerhusudlejning.dk is a very good name and a very nice domain. Sommerhusudlejning actually means holiday rental in Danish and most of our customers is Danes so far but we try to spread out all over Europe.

Sommerhusudlejning.dk provides the following services:

• Cheap holiday rental
• 20.000 holiday house all over Europe
• 24 hour phone support
• Online chat support
• User-friendly webpage
• Most asked question directory
• Customer Care

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Sommerhusudlejning.dk is a licensed, insured and a modern firm with a young and innovative staff. The company operates under the mission of providing cheap holiday houses all over Europe to all of our customers.

Nyboves 19
7500 Holstebro, Denmark
9611 9000

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