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Providing “PASSIVE NEURO STIMULATION” by enhancing and delivering natural stimulants through a passive and non-evasive process of stimulation to the brain and nervous system.

Arcade Game Technology Shows Potential for Relieving Symptoms of Incurable Disease

While over a million Americans suffer from the crippling effects of Parkinson’s disease, one company is experimenting in using sensory-stimulating technology to reduce these symptoms. The NexNeuro Therapeutic System has shown potential as part of an integrated medicine approach in relieving the effects of neurological disorders.

TLC Industries roots are that of an arcade game manufacturer. By integrating motion, sound, video and flashing lights they created virtual environments for race car drivers, motorcyclists, and jet skiers. For 20+ years, they perfected the arcade experience as a science and an art of sensory stimulation, combining a synergy of sight, sound, and touch that pumps the adrenaline and is a feast for the senses.

Now TLC Industries is applying the same technology they have developed to stimulate the senses and excite the body to induce relaxation and relieve the body of chronic stress. The NexNeuro Therapeutic System provides passive neuro stimulation by integrating the latest technologies in vibration, motion, audio, and visual therapies. The technology is meticulously orchestrated to bring both the body and the mind to the state of absolute relaxation. “It’s all about triggering certain reactions in the brain,” says CEO Ed Bender, “With the right external stimuli you can produce various internal sensations, such as balancing the nervous system and clearing cellular memory.

Therapeutic sessions have shown surprising results with Parkinson’s disease patients. The stimulation reduces levels of anxiety as well as relieving motor dysfunctions, allowing them a pain free full night’s sleep. Through a passive and non-invasive process of stimulation to the brain and nervous system, NexNeuro therapy extends mobility and relieves symptoms in such a way that it may reduce their reliance on life-long drug treatment. A preliminary study is currently underway to further test the effects of NexNeuro therapy as a form of complementary medicine.

Treatments like NexNeuro’s therapy are currently gaining recognition among doctors who are suggesting such therapies in addition to prescription medicine for anxiety and other neurological problems. This integrated medicine combines conventional medicine with complementary or alternative medicines to better treat selective diseases and disorders. The Mayo Clinic speaks highly of the integrated medicine approach, “Complementary and alternative therapies prove effective. They're being combined more often with conventional care.”

NexNeuro is offering individuals an opportunity to participate in a preliminary assessment of this integrative therapy with other neurological disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, autism, and ADD. They are currently seeking participants in the Chicago-land area.

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