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A Smart Way of Buying Anything in Bangalore

GoVasool.com, India’s first online group shopping marketplace launched in Bangalore. Since its launch, Bangaloreans have been saving money while they buy their favorite electronics items and consumer durables.

With GoVasool.com, you will stop worrying about the traffic congestion, bad roads, fuel costs, parking pain in Bangalore, whenever you think of shopping - GoVasool.com will take care of your entire purchase and make sure that YOU get the best deals that Bangalore has to offer in just a few clicks! The icing on the cake is that all your shopping is delivered at your doorstep in Bangalore FREE of cost! So, that’s a lot of time and effort saved for you. Plan for all this extra free time and enjoy with friends and family!

GoVasool.com is a first of its kind online marketplace where you can buy items from local stores and get wholesale discounts by joining other shoppers online – you can virtually join anyone who is living in Bangalore and shop together for the BEST IN TOWN discounts! These discounts are usually much better than the discounts you get while bargaining by yourself in stores.

GoVasool.com hosts all major brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, etc. You can shop for products like MP3 Players, DVD Players, Microwaves, Digital Cameras, Televisions, Laptops and Mobile Phones through their website (http://www.GoVasool.com). You can also shop for electrical products (geysers, fans, lights), modular kitchens and kitchen appliances (chimneys & hobs) via phone (96111 98001 or 96111 98002).

How shopping on GoVasool.com benefited Arun, Sneha and her friends!

Arun, a resident of Jayanagar and an IT professional has been planning to buy an LCD TV, but was too busy to visit any stores in the city. So, Arun logs on to http://www.GoVasool.com and finds the LCD TV he is looking for and compares its price in various popular shops across Bangalore. He sees that there is a great deal on the LCD TV from one shop in Malleswaram and decides to buy it. However, Arun wonders if he can get an even better discount. So he registers on the website for free and creates a group.

Sneha, a Manager at a Media company, also logs onto GoVasool.com and joins the group that Arun just created. She invites 3 of her friends to join the group.

Now, dealers in Bangalore bid against each other in a reverse auction and compete with each other to bid wholesale discounts for this group. Everyone in the group gets the best price that Bangalore’s dealers have to offer. They pay for it online and within 48 hours, the TVs are delivered to their homes for free!!

Thus, Shoppers on GoVasool.com not only save a lot of money because of discounts but also save on fuel cost & avoid the hassle of visiting stores physically.

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