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Lasting Impressions Inc. owns and operates www.CrimeZilla.com -- a consumer crime, security and safety website.

New Website — CrimeZilla.com — Fights Crime and Alerts Consumers to Frauds and Scams

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Lasting Impressions Inc. announces the establishment of a new website -- www.CrimeZilla.com -- devoted to crime, safety and security news and views.

CrimeZilla.com's Editor-in-Chief Bruce Mandelblit is a nationally known columnist, as well as a highly decorated retired reserve law enforcement officer.

For almost eight years, Bruce has written a popular weekly crime, security and safety column for a national news website.

Bruce stated, "CrimeZilla.com is a unique website that features regularly updated crime news and views including breaking crime news and crime alerts."

"CrimeZilla.com also offers crime prevention tips and ideas including alerting consumers to the latest scams and frauds, and this is especially important during these tough economic times.

"There are, unfortunately, ruthless criminals just looking for the opportunity to separate folks from their hard-earned money."

In addition, CrimeZilla.com will offer information on how to be prepared for both man-made and natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, hurricanes and even a potential terrorist attack.

CrimeZilla.com will feature news and views on essential subjects such as Mortgage Fraud, Identity Theft, School Violence, Home Burglary, Car Theft, Lottery Scams, Missing Persons, Credit Card Fraud, Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness, Financial Scams, Foreclosure Fraud, ATM Skimming, Email Phishing, Pickpockets, Disaster Planning, Internet Safety, as well as other crucial crime, safety and security topics.

Bruce added, "We know of no other website like CrimeZilla.com that features crime, safety and security news and views, as well as crime and scam prevention tips and ideas."

"We expect CrimeZilla.com to quickly become a very popular website with the general public because right now, more than ever before, it is so important to understand the techniques of criminals and scam-artists."

"CrimeZilla.com will assist consumers in understanding the methods and inside secrets of crooks and thugs so they have the tools to hopefully prevent the crime or fraud in the first place."


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